Black History Month: A Documentary Show and Conversation At ICLT


Come join CAIR-Austin team at ICLT for a Community Potluck Dinner at 7pm followed by a documentary and conversation led by civil rights advocates

CAIR-Texas is proud to offer "In Their Footsteps: An American Muslim Civil Rights Journey" documentary and discussion for Black History Month. The screening will be led by the civil rights icon, Br. Mustafaa Carrol who is featured in the documentary and a local African American Community Leader, Sr. Shanada Lewis.

Come learn about the history of slavery, lynching, segregation, and present-day racial injustice. You will hear deep personal and emotional reflections from American Muslims, including African-Americans, who lived through segregation and Jim Crow laws, and for whom the journey brought back memories from their own lives. 

After the screening, our speakers will discuss the film to gain a more profound personal experience of the civil rights movement. The screening and discussion will take an hour.

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Our Speakers

Mustafaa Carrol

Mustafaa Carroll began his civil rights advocacy at 14 years old and became the NAACP Youth Council President in his hometown of Gary Indiana at 16 years old. He is the former executive director of the Houston Texas Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (June/2010 – July /2018), the United States largest Muslim grassroots civil rights and advocacy group with over 30 offices nationwide. Know more about him

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Shanada Lewis

Sr. Shanada has lived in the Austin area for over 25 years. She is a community leader, event organizer, and a status quo changer. Shanada served at the largest Austin masjid board for 4 years. She is a Hijama therapist, childbirth educator, doula, and a student midwife. As an American convert, Shanada has a long experience in Dawa and outreach events using humor, stories, and dialougue. As a birth worker, she focuses on advocacy for pregnant women of margenalized communities, reproductive health equity, and birth justice.

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