The Yusuf Project

Supporting Texas Muslim Inmates

The Yusuf Project is a campaign by CAIR-Texas to address the needs of Muslim inmates in Texas jails and prisons. This campaign hopes to be an umbrella initiative that brings together the various Muslim organizations already doing work inside Texas's correctional system to collaborate, share resources, and coordinate their efforts.

Our Goal is to:

  • Provide educational opportunities for the greater Muslim community to learn about Muslim inmates' needs and how the correctional system operates.
  • To recruit volunteers across Texas to give their time to Chaplain, mentor, and teach Muslim inmates about Islam.
  • Build collaborative systems to be used by existing Yusuf Project member organizations who are already working to assist the needs of Muslim inmates.
  • To provide educational and other materials such as Qurans, prayer rugs, Hijabs, Kufis, etc., to correctional facilities to be utilized by their Muslim inmate populations.
  • To advocate for Muslim inmates in the event, their religious rights are not being met by the facility

How Can My Organization Join?

  • To become a member of the Yusuf Project simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and in the subject line write "Yusuf Project".

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