Reclaiming Our Masjid: Comedy and Justice Austin Tour - Featuring Preacher Moss

Join CAIR-Texas Austin Comedy & Justice Tour titled "Reclaiming Our Masjid." Bring your family to the Masjid for an evening of comedy, civil rights, and reconnecting with Allah (SWT).

WHAT:  Reclaiming Our Masjid Comedy and Justice Tour in Austin

1st Event: Friday, Feb 18th after Maghrib (6:15 PM) at North Austin Muslim Community Center (NAMCC)

2nd Event: Friday, Feb 18th after Isha (8:00 PM) at Islamic Center of Brushy Creek

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The vision of the "Reclaiming, Our Masjid" comedy and justice tour is an opportunity to bring the Muslim community to populate the Masjid. One of our goals is to educate the community about CAIR-Texas' important work challenging Islamophobia and standing civil rights while having fun with halal entertainment.

The program will begin after Isha Salath and is free to the community. The evening will include talks by CAIR-Texas' team, including its Executive Director Faizan Syed. Followed by a comedy routine by Muslim Comedian Preacher Moss. The program should last roughly 60 - 90  minutes.

This event is great for families and young people to attend and enjoy. CAIR-Texas is hiring a full-time civil rights attorney based in Austin, Texas. This attorney will be the community's attorney to help defend against injustice and provide free legal resources.

To support our efforts to hire  this full-time civil rights attorney, click here...

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